Bob Heaton wb4jpz1 at STRATO.NET
Sat Jan 5 08:16:55 EST 2002


   Have just come into posession of a couple (2) really nice little computers.
   They are basically portable, but require 115 ac AND  a telephone line.
   Each is in a nice carrying case, and has a fold down key board.

   The ID plate says
    INFORMER computer terminal
    model 207 102 V.22 P/N  990-0KI VO-20 
          Pala Drive
         Garden Grove CA  92641  USA
Attemps via snail-mail and twisted pair have been un-sucessful ,seems like they just dropped off the face of the earth.   Both units power up...pushing buttons from F1 thru F24 display menu screens and programing formats.

Any one have an idea where I could find a manual, of information on these guys ?  Sure would like to get them
set up to do something  useful .

Please E-mail  to:
Bob Heaton
wb4jpz1 at

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