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Bob Peters soundimp at POBOX.COM
Sat Jan 5 21:47:30 EST 2002

>Forwarding  for a friend not on the list...Please contact him direct!!! Tnx
>Thinning Collins Collection
>Collins 32V-2A  AM Transmitter          $450.00
>This is a 32V-2 which has a conversion kit to make it a 32V-3.
>Cabinet is like a 32V-2... otherwise it is a 32V-3.
>No manual. Needs restoration, untested.
>Collins 75A-2  AM Receiver              $350.00
>Rare original thin metal escutcheon. 8R-1 crystal calibrator.
>No manual. Good shape. New power transformer. With cabinet. Operational.
>Collins 51S-1 WE Receiver             $1,500.00
>With manual. Excellent shape, fully operational.
>Collins 312B-3 WE Speaker               $150.00
>Good shape, operational.
>Collins 32S-3 RE Transmitter            $650.00
>No manual. Good shape but unrestored and untested.
>Jay Miller, KK5IM
>Dallas, Texas
>jay at kk5im.com
>Please e-mail me if you have questions.
>                   *********** jay at kk5im.com ***********
>              Jay H. Miller, KK5IM     32° AASR       Dallas, Texas
>            The Pocket Guide to Collins Amateur Radio Equipment
>               A Pictorial History of Collins Amateur Radios
>             NRA *  ARRL *  AMI#846 * DXCC  * S.A.S.S. #34,692
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