Navy key

Jim Bowman jimbowman at SEANET.COM
Sat Jan 5 23:26:01 EST 2002

Greetings to the list, and Glowing New Year to all.

I wandered into a moving sale today and got a bunch of tubes for a few
bux. I also picked up an interesting hand key screwed to the top of what
appears to be a tube code practice osc. The key was easily removed, and
is a separate unit with cord and ¼ inch phone plug. It is a Navy key,
and appears to be designed to be waterproof and/or explosion proof. It
has a round baseplate with two keyhole mounting holes for fastening to
the table or whatever. The key itself  is housed in a small rectangular
cast housing, with sealing glands or gaskets where the round arm of the
key comes out the front and where the cable comes out the back. There is
an ID plate on the round base with the markings "CAQZ-26026" and in
smaller type "NXsr-60008" and what is probably a serial no. "8199".
There is a small US Navy symbol.

I just wondered if any of you olde pharte anchor clankers remember such
a beast and maybe what it was used for.

It feels good, and seems to be adjusted about right. Cool old key for a

73 to all,

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