Valiant freq pulling

john w. king jbkking at BELLSOUTH.NET
Sun Jan 6 10:28:45 EST 2002

When tuning the exciter control on my Johnson Valiant, the VFO freq moves
away from Zero and returns as the cap is rotated and returns to original
zero as cap reaches max tune for exciter. The VFO freq also moves when the
final amplifier C1 is tuned, moves away and returns to original freq as C1
is tuned through range. The freq returns to zero at the point of maximum dip
when resonance is achieved in the tank circuit.

Sounds to me like a coupling cap between the stages may be shorted and
preventing the stages from being isolated. What do you think may be causing
the interaction between the VFO freq and tuning of subsequent stages? Thanks
and 73, John, K5PGW

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