I need a pilot light lens, bulbs, and some fuse links.

Jim Berry basalop at GTE.NET
Sun Jan 6 11:16:44 EST 2002

Hi Folks,

My project with putting the Navy TCK transmitter on the air is coming
along quite smoothly.  I could use a few parts though.

I need a green pilot light lens.  Now this guy is 1-5/8 inches long,
by 7/8 inches in diameter.  has 7/8 inches of thread.  Why it has a
blue lens in place of the green one is beyond me.

I also need some bulbs as spares.  This rig uses .11 amp 18 volt
screw in bulbs, called a Mazda T-4.  The particular ones in my rig
were made by GE.

I also should have some replaceable fuse links in my spares
collection.  I need some 6 amp, and 10 amp ones.

If anyone has any of the above, and would like to get rid of any, you
just might have a buyer.

73 Jim K7SLI


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