DX-100 / VF-1 Dial Overlays

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Sun Jan 6 22:58:13 EST 2002

In the process of coming up with replacement dials for
the DX-100 / DX-100B / VF-1, I have come up with a
replacement "overlay" for the existing dial.  If you
were to remove the existing printing by some means,
then you can "stick" the overlay onto the plastic and
then have "new" calibration.  This is the same as what
I am using for the "new" dials.

The "new" dials differ from the original in that they
are thicker plastic (not prone to crack or warp) than
the original and have an aluminum center hub to which
the vernier drive attaches.  This is instead of using
the inner portion of the plastic dial itself as in the
original.  From the outside, you can't tell the
difference.  However, the operation of the vernier is
solid (doesn't "slip") and will not break under normal
use like the plastic will.

Also, have the green "fiducial" (the piece of green
plastic with the "line" in it) reproduced.  These are
also much thicker plastic and have a translucent green
overlay instead of being solid green plastic.  These
are definitely much harder to break than the original!

The overlays are $15.00 each CONUS, $17.00 US each
Canada, $16.24 for Texas residents.

The "new" dials are $34.95 CONUS, $36.95 US Canada,
$37.83 Texas residents.

The green "fiducials" are $10.00 CONUS, $12.00 US
Canada, and $10.83 Texas residents.

Special:  Dial and fiducial:  $40.00 CONUS, $43.00 US
Canada, $43.30 Texas residents.

All of these prices include postage and handling.

As I have said before, the cost of making these
replacement parts for boat anchors is not in the
materials used but in the amount of labor required to
make them.  Each dial, etc., has to be "hand made"
since "tooling costs" would be in the thousands of
dollars and the quantity of items that would be sold
does not justify the price of making this tooling.

For more information, please E-Mail me.

To purchase, send cheque to

Glen E. Zook
410 Lawndale Drive
Richardson, Texas 75080


Glen, K9STH

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