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k3jpb k3jpb at MSN.COM
Wed Jan 9 12:13:44 EST 2002

I am currently rebuilding an early HRO,and a RAS-2.Here is a wish list to move things along . 

6 ea tube shield tops (6C6 type)
2 ea tube shield bottom part
2 ea tube shield bottom piece (mounts to chassis)
1 old style crystal filter knob (the round one with a metal pointer)
1 rf gain control knob (my metal part is fine,but the black bakelite is broken)
1 outer bakelite knob for the PW  dial ( the one I have has soldering iron burns)
2 ea 4-pin male plugs ( to to the power supply)
1 ea NC emblem for the RAS speaker (I also need one for a NC2-40D speaker)
1 set of name plates for the RAS components
I would also be interested in a doghouse PS (2 1/2 volt type)

and finally does anyone have any suggestions for replacing the sound deadening
insulation used inside some National speakers?

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