Dentron Amplifier For Sale or Trade

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Sun Jan 13 00:45:33 EST 2002

For sale or trade:  Semi-project Dentron GLA-1000
linear amplifier

This amplifier is basically complete except that it is
missing the meter and the power transformer has been
taken out of the circuit.

 Also, the previous owner changed the tubes from the
original 6LQ6 types to 24LQ6 types.

These tubes are identical to the original tubes except
for the heater ("filament") voltage.  The previous
owner had tried to put in a 12-volt filament
transformer in series with the existing 6 volt winding
in the power transformer to "work" the filaments.  Of
course, this did not provide enough voltage.  I have
installed a 25.2-volt transformer (the 24 volt tubes
take 25.2 volts for the heater voltage) with enough
current capability to handle the tubes.  The tubes are
"brand new".

The power transformer checks "OK" when 120 VAC is put
on the primary.  However, it does need to be
reconnected.  The previous owner said that the rig
"blew fuses" when the meter was connected.  I have
checked the diodes, etc. and could not find anything
shorted.  The meter was in pieces when I got the unit
and has since "disappeared" into the wasteland of my

The linear has the 10 meter option installed.

I was going to finish rebuilding the amplifier and use
it as my "third" linear.  However, I just don't have
the time to complete the project.  I can furnish a
copy of the Dentron GLA-1000B amplifier that is
virtually identical (same circuit board, etc.).  That
is what I have been working "off of".

$150.00 plus shipping from 75080.  Possible trade for
WORKING boat anchor equipment (I have too many
"projects" right now!).

Glen, K9STH

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