FS or Trade: Heathkit AM/FM - Amp

Ian Webb ianwebb5 at ATTBI.COM
Fri Jan 18 16:52:37 EST 2002

What have you to trade in the way of boatanchor stuff?  Or
$35 + actual freight costs for all from Silicon Valley?

Heathkit AJ-1214 Tuner
Heathkit AA-1214 Amplifier

Maybe a good period match for your Heathkit or other 1970s

I have NO manuals or schematics.

All seems to work but AM sensitivity low.  I suspect a
connection problem in the ferrite antenna.  FM sensitivity
very good and seems to work well on FM.  Without even a clip
lead on the antenna terminals!

Dial lamps are out in the tuner.  I have no 14.4 V lamps to
replace them with; they're in series across the secondary of
the PS transformer.

Assembled by my daughter's brother-in-law, an EE.  I've been
into the tuner and solder job looks good; they're mostly
circuit boards.  It has a Heath sticker on it with Jan 1978
on it so they're probably about 25 years old or more.

Both are good to very good appearance.  Some wear visible
around knobs, particularly with strong reflected light.  The
VOLUME lettering around the amp control is worn.  Chrome on
some knobs has some pitting.  I haven't tried to polish but
some may come out.  Blackout fronts are quite good, a couple
of small 1/8" or so marks on amp front that I suspect will
polish off.  Wood on sides in good shape but a few scrapes
that could be finished out.  Tops have some paint flecks on
them - my son-in-law had them stored in the garage.

Ian, K6SDE

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