Some RF Parts FS

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Fri Jan 18 23:47:33 EST 2002

Variable capacitor
Dual 500 pF unit by General Instrument, with nice reduction drive
tuning and ceramic standoffs for mounting.
Suitable for up to 300 watt final. Excellent shape.
Picture available on request.
Will sell for $15.00

Rotary switch - brand new 12 position, 4 pole switch with standard 1/4" shaft, 3/8" long.
Quality fiberglas wafers. Overall dimensions: 1.5" diameter, 1.75" deep.
Will sell for $12.00

Barker & Williamson FL-1500 Low pass filter. Like new.
Great TVI stopper! Legendary B & W quality construction.
Will sell for $25.00 plus shipping.

Total of 9 antique plug-in coils from circa 1948 for sale as follows:
All are brown bakelite forms. Condition is like new.
The Hammarlunds are ribbed.
National 4-pin QTY 2
Hammarlund 5 pin with enameled winding QTY 3
Hammarlund 5 pin with no winding QTY 2
Hammarlund 6 pin with enameled winding QTY 1
Hammarlund 4 pin with enameled winding QTY 1
Will sell for $8.00 each plus shipping

I have some more plug-in coils and some airdux etc. for sale too, but need to go through
them and see what I have.

Radios, crystals etc. for sale at:

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