Need rack panels

Jim Strohm jstrohm at TEXAS.NET
Sat Jan 19 09:58:03 EST 2002

collin collier <n4tua at JUNO.COM> writes --

>I need a couple of blank rack panels. 3", 4", 8" or around that height. I
>know they are odd fractions but what have you? Please let me know. Thank

FYI (and save this post)

The standard measurement for rack panels is a "U" or unit.  1 U = 1.75"
The common sizes are:

1U =    1.75"
2U =    3.5"
3U =    5.25"
4U =    7"
5U =    8.75"
6U =   10.5"
8U =   14"
9U =   15.75"

Instead of memorizing these number, it's a lot easier to take that old
broken yardstick you've been saving, and mark it in Us.  19" of yardstick
will be enough for 10U, which will handle 99% of the U-measuring you'll
ever do.

Why a 10U stick?  It makes measuring a rack easy -- you simply count by 10s
as you measure the rack.  And it happens to be just short of the standard
19" rack width -- did you wonder why I suggested 19"? -- so you can check
for standard panel and rail widths.


PS -- A lot of server equipment is being installed in racks nowadays, and
the beauty panels are starting to hit the surplus market.  I have a nice 1U
panel that once graced a Dell PowerEdge server -- perfect size to fill an
odd hole, or hold a power switch!

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