Boat Anchors for sale or trade

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Sun Jan 20 20:22:37 EST 2002

Boat Anchor Equipment For Sale / Trade

National NC-100:  At least good physical shape (some
would call it better than good!), missing bottom
plate.  No Speaker.  This is a heavy unit!  Do have
copy of manual.  Have not checked it out electrically.
 I had "forgotten" that this was in my attic for over
20 years!  $250 plus shipping from 75080

National RCQ:  This is the CAA (Civil Aviation
Authority) variant of the NC-100 with a "rudimentary"
squelch circuit.  Rack mount, no cabinet.  It is in
very good condition.  No speaker.  I was in the
process of restoring this unit, but just don't have
the time. The power transformer, electrolytic
capacitors, etc., all seem to be OK.   This is even
heavier than the NC-100 (can hold at least a light
cruiser, let alone a boat!).  I have a copy of the
manual for the RCQ!  I "found" this one at the same
time as the NC-100.  Has been in my attic for about 25
years!  $300 plus shipping from 75080

Hammarlund HQ-129X:  New front panel!  Paper
capacitors changed out to "orange drops".  Freshly
aligned and operates very well.  Looks very good,
chassis, etc., good.  There are two "spurious" holes
drilled in the back of the chassis that were used for
some type of modification that was long removed before
I got the receiver.  All knobs but one are original.
The one knob that is not original is very close to the
original (you have to look to tell the difference).
However, it is different.  $275 plus shipping from

Harvey-Wells TBS-50 transmitter:  Unit has been
physically cleaned but no power has been put on it
since I got it a couple of months ago.  The cabinet
has been completely refinished in gray crackle (just
completed this). It has all the tubes.  The center
"pin" of the octal plug on the back is missing.  The
front panel is in "good" condition, but definitely
could be better (has scrapes, nicks, the paint is
fading).  $135 plus shipping from 75080

Aerotron MPAC 450 MHz repeater:  40 watts continuous
duty output.  In the indoor 42 inch high cabinet with
Motorola 4 cavity bandpass/reject duplexer.  Has
"community repeater" multiple CTCSS panel that also
allows the repeater to be used as "standard squelch"
repeater with the "throw of a switch".  Presently on
464.650 / 469.650 MHz but will go on the 440 MHz
amateur band without any problems.  I have the manual
copies on this.  It uses the "channel element" type of
frequency control (new crystals are available from
International Crystal in Oklahoma City).  The repeater
is in very-good to excellent condition.  I have been
the only owner of it!  Prefer pickup in Richardson,
Texas (Dallas area).  However, can ship by truck line
(expensive!).  $1500 plus shipping from 75080

Johnson Pacemaker:  This SSB transmitter was
supposedly working when it was traded to me!  However,
before I ever put any AC power on it I pulled it from
the cabinet and looked it over.  There is a "bundle"
of wires that have been "overheated", probably due to
the failure of an electrolytic capacitor.  Therefore,
I have not even tried to use it!  The rig may be
working, but I really doubt it!  The cabinet has been
repainted by someone else, and there is a large hole
in the back that probably held a fan.  It is possible
that the cabinet is actually from one of the other
pieces of Johnson equipment that had a fan.  This can
be filled in with either perforated sheet metal, solid
sheet metal, or a fan installed (I don't think the
Pacemaker really needs a fan since it only runs 50
watts!).   Other than the electrical problem, the unit
is in very good condition.  $225 plus shipping from

I am looking for the following items and would accept
various items in partial, or full, trade for various
items on the above list.  I am not interested in
buying any of these, only consider in trade.

Collins:  75A, 75A1, 32V3, KWS-1, 30L-1

Heath:  SB-200, SB-500, Cheyenne

Mosley CM-1

Hallicrafters:  SX-96, SX-115, SR-75

Johnson:  Ranger (I)

Knight:  Ocean Hopper, Span Master

Lafayette:  HE-10 (or the kit model KT-200)

National NC-1-10, SW-3 series

Conar:  500 (receiver, have the transmitter)

TOBE:  Receiver (circa 1935)

Glen, K9STH

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