National SW-54

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Mon Jan 21 19:47:00 EST 2002

I just "discovered" in my garage a "project" National
SW-54 receiver (it has been there for years - and I
mean years!).  It does not have any knobs except for
the large bandspread knob, is missing the bottom
plate, and does not have the "cheater cord" (AC cord,
old TV type - the connector is there, just no cord).
There is some rust on the cabinet.  This particular
one is painted brown and not the gray that all of the
others that I have seen are painted.  But, this seems
to be a factory paint job.  I think all the tubes are

This National equivalent of the Hallicrafters S-38 can
be yours for only $15 plus another $10 for shipping

Glen, K9STH

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