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Hello Again Senior Computer Users
I received this information via e-mail and will pass it on for your benefit.

I have some unfortunate news, but fortunate since we are
catching it in time. I received an e-mail from a friend notifying
me that her machine had been infected by a virus through a friend's
address book and that since I was in her address book, it had
probably spread to my computer.  I followed her instructions and
she was right. I was able to delete the virus. The bad news is
that you probably have it too, since your are in my address book!
This virus lies dormant for 14 days and then kills your hard drive.
here is what to do to protect yourself. Follow these instructions
and then if you see the virus, send this e-mail to everyone in your
address book.
1. Go to "start". Then to Find or Search. 2. In the search for
files or folders, type this: sulfnbk.exe or sulfnbk 3. This is the
virus. In the look in section, make sure you are searching your C
drive. 4. Hit search or find. 5. If your search finds this filel,
it will be an ugly blackish icon that will have the name sulfnbk or
sulfnbk.exe. DO NOT OPEN IT. 6. Right click on the ugly icon, go
down to delete and left click. 7. Send the file to the recycle bin
if it asks you to do so. 8. Go to your desktop and double click on
the Recycle Bin 9. Right click on sulfnbk.exe and delete it again
or simply empty your recycle bin. 10 If you found the virus on your
system, send this to all in your address book.
>>Good luck,

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