FS: KWM-2A/PM-2/30L-1/MM-1/XTALS

Joseph W. Lutz tazzie at LOCALNET.COM
Tue Jul 16 09:59:25 EDT 2002

Following Package c/o:

KWM-2A - [RE] Late model, with dial break, teflon wiring, plug-in
relays, etc.  Appearance is G to VG, and unit does work.  I have
had both this and my other 2A on the air and they get great reports.
Included with the KWM-2A is the following:
PM-2, used with the above unit.
MM-1 [WE] Mobile Mic
30L-1 [RE] - Appearance also G to VG, but have not had it on-line
since I bought it in VA.
I have MARS Crystals in both units, but I will make sure that there
are at least some Ham crystals installed before shipment [prospective
buyer advise freq/bands desired].
I have ORIGINAL MANUAL FOR: KWM-2A. VGC copy FOR THE 30L-1. Original
Instruction sheets on the PM-2. Copy of SB No. 4 for the KWM-2A.
Instruction sheets
on How to operate the KWM-2A with the PM-2, RF-765 Coupler and the
HYGAIN H-4000 Reel Tape Antenna.  Copy of SB 1014 for the KWM-2A
This and the other 2A have not be subjected to a smoking environment,
and other than being dusty from non-use, are okay.  I can provide
photos to interest parties.
This will be as a package only.
Price: $2200.00 + shipping and insurance

[BTW: I will try and swap the Zeus fastener from my other 2A, as this
unit was missing one on it's return from being checked out - and I can
order another one for my remaining unit].

Joe W7LPF [New Florence, PA]

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