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Transmitting variable capacitors, HF, VHF etc.

E.F Johnson, Hammarlund, Cardwell, National and other brands.
All sizes, including split stator types, loading caps,
neutralizing caps, trimmers etc. etc.20 pF to 1000pF

Large E.F. Johnson split stator varable, 300 pF + 300 pF at 3.5 KV
Type MPE 300DD35
Dimensions  9.5" deep X 4.5"  X  4.25"
Has standard 1/4" shaft 1.5" long.
Will sell for $26.00

Hammarlund NOS Dual 50 pF split-stator variable capacitor
in original box.
Type MICD-50C with dimensions: 2-1/2" X 2-1/2" X 3" deep
Has standard 1/4" shaft that is 1-1/2" long
Will sell for $12.00

National Co. EMC-1000 variable capacitor 0-1000 pF QRO type,
suitable for HF linear amplifier or large RF final.
Dimensions 3-5/8" wide  X  3-1/4" tall X  5" deep plus 1-1/2" long shaft X 1/4"
This one is NEW in original box. QTY 1 available for $24.00

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