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Sun Jul 28 14:22:16 EDT 2002

Roller Inductors etc....

Roller inductor #1 is a fine ceramic coil with tapped roller, that actually does not
Rather it permits a tap to be placed at any point on the coil
and adjusted dynamically as needed by hand.
White ribbed shiny ceramic form, 24 turns of 12 or 14 gauge wire.
Diameter is 2.5 inches. 6 turns per inch. Inductance range is
0 to 18.5 uH.
Mounted on a large 4-pin jack bar  and socket system with
all mounting hardware.
Robustly constructed. QTY 1 only, available for $15.00

Roller inductor #2 is a true roller inductor. Coil has 44 turns
and is  2.5" long X 1.5" diameter.
Overall dimensions 5" X 2" X 2" - with rotary 1/4" shaft X 5/* " long.
Ceramic coil form, all beautifully made with brass fittings and phenolic end plates.
Inductance range is 0 - 34 uH.
Qty 1 available for $15.00

ARC 5 roller inductor as removed from famous WW2 ARC5
transmitter.  Silver plated wire on white ceramic form.
Comes with the mounting brackets and gears.
Coaster wheel assembly is not included. (that is part of the dial mechanism.)
32 turns - coil is 3" long and 2" diameter.
Inductance range is 0 - 26 uH
QTY 2 available at $8.00 each

Pictures available on request. Shipping additional.

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