Jim Bowman jimbowman at SEANET.COM
Sat Jun 8 02:00:40 EDT 2002

For what it's worth, here is correspondence I had with a crystal
manufacturer located in the Phillipines. Their prices sound ok I think,
but not sure if shipping cost would be the fly in the ointment.


           Re: crystals
           Sat, 08 Jun 2002 13:23:03 +0800
           "Beth R. Ragasa" <bethragasa_rcl at>
           Jim Bowman <jimbowman at>

I got your e-mail address when I surfed for information regarding Icom
You got my word that any info about you won't reach anybody else through

Our company is Republic Crystal Laboratory located at 387 J. Luna Ext.
Silang Mandaluyong City Philippines. We accept payment through banks or
checks. We send out goods through Fedex or UPS.

We also have FT-243 crystals in the higher frequencies such as 1700-8900
but in these frequencies our customer rather prefer the Hc-6/u package.
So now
we only manufacture FT-243 crystals for 500 to 1600 Khz.

Yes, I am interested in buying or accepting trade-ins of crystals but
definitely not the FT-243 because we have quite a volume of this and its
in now declining. I'm sure you have others that might be of use to us,
please furnish us with more info on the crystals you might be able to

Thank you and I hope do business with you in the future.


Jim Bowman wrote:

> Thanks for the reply. I need some additional information:
> Ordering info, such as:
> Company name, address, shipping and payment options, turnaround time,
> etc.
> I am curious how you got may e-mail address (although I don't mind in
> this case ;^)  I do ask that you don't give my info to anyone else. I
> get a minimum of spam and want to keep it that way. I subscribe to a
> couple of mail lists that is mostly amateur radio enthusiasts who use
> crystals (which is maybe where you found me) but if not, I will relay
> your info to the lists as they will be interested.
> I wanted to confirm your statement that the FT-243 packages are only
> available in the frequency range of 500 Khz to 1600 Khz (AM broadcast
> band). Seems odd. Is that correct?
> Are you interested in buying, or accepting as trade-in, FT-243 crystals?
> I and others, I'm sure, have some that don't fall into the amateur radio
> bands, mostly mil-surplus crystals.
> Thank you,
> Jim Bowman
> "Beth R. Ragasa" wrote:
> >
> > We manufacture crystals in Hc-18/u, Hc-25/u, Hc-6/u, and some Hc-49/u
> > packages, and our prices vary with the frequency required by our
> > customers. For frequencies 1.000Mhz to 2.000Mhz we charge our customers
> > US$ 7.00 each, while we charge them US$ 5.00 for frequencies 2.010Mhz to
> > 120.000Mhz. As for multiple orders our rate also lowers.
> >
> > We also manufacture old crystals in FT-171 and FT- 243 packages, which
> > ranges in frequencies 500Khz to 1600Khz.
> >
> > Beth
> >
> > Jim Bowman wrote:
> >
> > > Can you give price for xtals in amateur bands?
> > >
> > > Jim
> > >
> > > "Beth R. Ragasa" wrote:
> > > >
> > > > we manufacture transmitter crystals

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