FS My Whole Station

Keith Rowland k4kgw at ATTBI.COM
Wed Jun 19 15:17:17 EDT 2002

FOR SALE:  Entire big gun station.  First consideration given to offers
for whole station.  Everything comes with manuals, and the TS-930 comes
with both the operational and the factory service manuals. Will make
schedule with anyone who wants to hear this powerhouse on the air, using
only a G5RV half-size wire antenna. This station will work anyone you
can hear.

Heath SA-2500 Auto Antenna Tuner, $400.00. 26 pounds weight.
Heath SB-230 1200-watt linear amplifier, $400.00.  50 pounds.
Heath SB-614 Monitor Scope, $125.00.  10 pounds.
Kenwood TS-930 Transceiver, $850.00.  41 pounds.
Kenwood MC-60 Mike and Base, $75.00.  10 pounds.
Kenwood SP-930 Speaker with 2 audio filters, $75.00.  10 pounds.

Original total cost of the above:  $3389.75. The prices above total
$1925.00. Will sell to single buyer for all for $1800.00 plus $105.00
for solid packing and shipping anywhere in the CONUS via UPS Ground.  If
units are sold singly, add shipping cost from 30078 (Snellville, GA) to
your QTH, plus $10.00 per unit for packing materials.  E-mail inquiries
answered in order received.



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