Parted out DX-20 and DX-35

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Mon Mar 11 22:27:02 EST 2002

The DX-35 that I was going to try to get going again
has too many things wrong with it.  Therefore, I am
going to "part" it out.  There are NO knobs, I have
already completely redone the cabinet (is available),
the front panel is is good condition but has one
additional hole drilled and the meter is still
available.  A lot of the parts from the DX-35 are also
used on the DX-40.

Still have most of the DX-20 that had the power supply
pulled and a plate modulator using transistors for the
output.  Again, no knobs and the cabinet has been
completely redone and is available.  Also, the meter
is still there.

Also have a very few parts left from the "package" of
DX-100 parts that I had to buy to get a new meter for

Still have most of a Johnson Pacemaker and some of a
Johnson Valiant that were parted out.  Also, still
have some of a National NCX-3.

Contact me for what you need and I'll give you a

Glen, K9STH

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