I have some additional information on the rig:

Mogens kristiansen mmk at ESB-AMU.DK
Mon Mar 25 02:48:27 EST 2002

 I have some additional information on the rig:

The radio is a "Round Emblem", and has the dial brake and  the mech. CW filter
Pictures are now available, email me.

 It comes with an excellent full copy of the manual, without power cord. As always with older gear sold as is. 
Very fine inside and outside. Has  the MIL-  modification with a small extra BFO switch on the front , where the emblem should be, for extra bandwith on SSB signals.

Selling for highest bid over $1000,- + shipping

OZ1CXX, Mogens Kristiansen , 
 Bramming,  DENMARK
Email:    mmk at esb-amu.dk 

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