General Radio sig gen??

Jim Strohm jstrohm at TEXAS.NET
Sun May 12 22:23:13 EDT 2002

Murray Grandy <mgrandy at TELUS.NET> says

>I have 5 of the above units with a manual for each piece. Units are as
>follows: Type 1232-A Tuned Amplifier, Type 1218-A unit oscillator, Type
>1215-B unit oscillator, Type 1201-C Regulated power supply and Type 1209-B
>unit oscillator.

Not wanting to deprive the list of all these gems -- ebay price is
somewhere between $10 and 20 on these units in CCS 6 or better, slightly
more for shelf princesses.

Are you comfortable with $50 for the lot (a pittance of $10 each) plus

I will test and separate for the list at my final cost after I finish
rearranging for my GR collection.  I will also do minimal required repairs
(if needed) on these guys -- I have spare tubes (street price is about $50
each for these tubes, which is obscene in my mind) for the UHF unit
oscillators, and will ensure that anybody getting one from me gets a
working unit.

And I will deliver a copy of the power supply manual for all unit osc.
buyers.  I'll also put the manual set on BAMA.

We can negotiate on the price -- my collection is not complete but it's
almost there, and I want other folks to enjoy and USE these little jewels.
That's my motivation.


PS -- GR unit oscillators make INCREDIBLE QRP CW transmitters.  Drift is
like 3 hz /hr.

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