Dee Almquist w4pnt at VAIX.NET
Tue May 14 21:46:25 EDT 2002

Greetings Fellow Anchorites
Have decided to sell my hollowed Drake "C" line SSB station. Price-- $800. +
R4C SN24520. Sherwood mods as follows: Upper & lower 1st converter filters
w/ Sherwood double switch @ AGC control (no extra holes of coarse), These
narrow filters require switching from LSB to USB as well as setting the
passband. Power supply mod for stability, noise blanker, second bank of
filters consists of; 2.4kc ssb filter, 1.8kc narrow ssb filter, 6kc am
filter. The 1.8kc & 6kc filters are relatively new. There are no cw filters.
Additional crystals for; 1.5mc, 4.5mc - 5mc, 9.5mc - 10mc, 14.5mc - 15mc,
18mc - 18.5mc, 24.5 - 25mc, 27.5mc - 28mc, 28mc - 28.5mc, 29mc - 30mc. All
factory crystals are also present & working. Sherwood 3rd mixer, better
product detector, new audio amp (LM385).
Chassis very good, panel very good, cab min scratches but has been
repainted. Comes with E-Tek digi readout in excellent condition.
T4XC SN26369 Comes with DX Eng. speech processor. Fresh, full output pa's
(6DJ5s). Also have pr.  pa's for spares. Panel very good, chassis has
spotting but no corrosion. Cab min scratches & has been repainted. Comes
with MS-4 & AC-4, grill excellent & min scratches on cab (been repainted).
This is a competition SSB station with 16 poles of filters. Works great.
However, this is not setup for am.
There is no warranty of any kind except accurate description. I have many,
many fun hours on this station.
This is personal gear for I have owned this station for over 15 years.
If no interest shown next several days I will auction it off. Feel free to
ask ANY QUESTIONS. And I have few pics to share.
Best 73

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