803 Tx tubes

Pete Petersen wy7z at JUNO.COM
Thu May 23 11:44:21 EDT 2002

For sale: 3 ea. 803 tubes, nos, in original corrugated cardboard boxes.
The tubes in the opened boxes are stamped with a circle containing an
underlined W - made by Westinghouse?

1- Box is still sealed and stamped U.S. Navy, CWL 803, cont NXSA 18193,
ser W-193185,  accepted 7-43, 1000 hrs.

2- Box has been opened, the paper padding is intact, and the stamp reads
as above, ser W-193092.

3- Box had been opened and cut 2 inches shorter than the others but
otherwise intact. The stamp reads U.S. Navy, CWL 803, cont. 74844, ser
115992, date 11-42, 1000 hrs.

All three for $50 total, postage included. (AES prices these at $30.90

Pete Petersen

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