Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Sat May 25 08:11:22 EDT 2002


Heathkit HW-17 classic 2m AM transceiver with microphone.
Dial glass is  missing but otherwise very clean.
Pictures available on request.
Selling for $45.00 plus shipping.

Harvey Wells Bandmaster Senior TBS-50C all band AM-CW transmitter
In very good condition. Reported to be working when last used.
Front panel shows really nicely. Comes with a repro manual.
E-mail me for photos.  Will sell for $135.00

What a beauty! Like a Johnson only better. You should see the components and
the dials. This jewel has all heavy duty components including a
dandy of a roller inductor with turns counter, The variable capacitors are
pretty large and looks like it would handle a kilowatt with ease.
The versatile circuit is configurable for either series or parallel 'T'
configuration. Has jumpers in front to change set-up easily.
Has built-in SWR bridge utilizing an E.F. Johnson meter with
controls for FWD, REV and gain. Case is made of hammertone finish steel
with a removable lid. There is a small chip out of one of the knobs.
Otherwise it's excellent. E-mail me for photos.
Will sell this gem for $175.00 firm plus shipping

Heath HW-202
Classic Heath 2m FM mobile transceiver with plenty of chrome.
Comes with the microphone. Comes with the ORIGINAL (thick!) manual,
original Heath microphone, cables etc.
Has crystals in it for:
146.07 / 146.67
146.16 / 146.76
146.22 / 146.82
146.34 / 146.94
146.94 Simplex
Pictures available on request.
Untested - selling for $39.00 plus shipping

Heath HD-15 Phone Patch. Unit is in top condition
with all original knobs etc. Pictures available on request.
Reduced to $19.00

Yaesu SP-901P Phone patch / Speaker Accessory
Perfect to round out your FT-901 line.
Unit is in excellent shape but needs two small scratches touched up
on the top. Front looks great, including the original knobs, meter etc.
Pictures available on request.
Will sell for $45.00 plus shipping

Homebrew AM transmitter with 1625 final plate modulated by a pair of
5881 tubes. Good iron inside.
Made from a nicely modified ARC-5 transmitter conversion job.
Has an older style 4-pin mic input, gain control etc. etc.
Appears to be made for 40m band and it has final tank of 17 turns
silver plated copper 16-18 gauge wire on a 2" diameter ceramic form.
Pictures available on request.
Available for $25.00 without the two 5881 tubes or for $35.00 with them.
Shipping additional.

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