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Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Tue May 28 08:28:18 EDT 2002


Harvey Wells Bandmaster Senior TBS-50C all band AM-CW
transmitter In very good condition, complete and untested.
Previous owner reported it to be working when last used.
Requires carbon mic or pre-amplifer for crystal/dynamic types.
No VFO or power supply. Front panel shows really nicely.
Send for pictures.
Reduced to $115.00 plus shipping

James Millen Company SWR Bridge
Type 90671
Beautiful black crackle finish. No scratches or dents.
Serial Number 812. Has SO-239 connectors.
Has phono type output for 0-1mA meter.
Dial scale not original but looks appropriate.
Reduced to $35.00

Clegg 22'er classic 2m FM transceiver with mic and manual.
Great looking rig. Same as used by Jeff Duntemann and others
Picture available on request.
Reduced to $45.00 plus shipping

Heath HD-15 Phone Patch. Unit is in excellent condition with all original knobs etc.
Picture available on request.
Reduced to $19.00 plus ship

Hammarlund Transmitting Variable Capacitor
Model CHC-482369
Brand new and unused 0 - 140 pF variable.
Looks like about 2 Kv rating.
(Has 0.1 inch spacing between plates)
Measurements 4" X 3.2"  X 2.2" high. Has the normal 1/4" shaft.
Picture available...
Will sell for $20.00 plus shipping

BC-459A Transmitter
covers 7.0 - 9.1 Mc. silver case. Rotary coil etc. are in good shape.
One small cover is missing - Bottom cover and top cover/case are
both present and in good condition. Otherwise looks to be complete
and in very good condition. Picture available.
Reduced to $25.00 plus shipping

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