Heath Warrior HA-10 for sale/trade

Dennis Brady Dennis_Brady at FAIRFAX-IT.COM
Tue May 28 16:11:29 EDT 2002

Heathkit Warrior Linear amp HA-10, covers 80-10M. Uses 4 parallel 811's
and has a pair of 3B28 rectifiers. Power supply is choke input with one
oil filled capacitor. This is the probably the "best of breed" for
reliable, low
cost QRO, using cheap, available tubes. The power supply and RF deck
components will last as long as anything ever built.. If you are needing an
amplifier you can use all the time without worrying about expensive
tubes / parts, this is the one to have. I'm selling it due to lack of space
in the
shack/storage building/spare bedroom/den/etc.....

I call it my "rusty Warrior" because there are some small areas on the
where tiny rust color spots appear.  Also, the front edge of the cabinet
some rough spots. Sides and top are fine. ( I have made no effort to clean
or restore the front panel, leaving that for someone who knows what they
are doing and cares about external appearance.)

Electrically, it's perfect and I've used it occasionally for 4 or 5 years.
would probably put out the whole KW if I had a larger exciter, but I never
ran it past 400-500W on CW. It has been "updated" to 3-wire power cord
and back of chassis mounted fuse holder.

Price is  $300. I would consider trading something for it, but can't think
anything I'm looking for...   Due to the weight of the HA-10, I don't think
should be shipped. I'm located in the Dallas, TX area. You can see it work
before taking it home.

73 de W5FRS

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