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Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Mon Nov 4 13:37:09 EST 2002

I came across the following on "that" auction place a
couple of minutes ago.  Frankly, I don't need another
signal generator (have the military equivalent of this
one as well as service monitors, etc.).  But, there
haven't been any bids on this Measurements Model 80
without the cabinet.  The signal generator itself is
actually a 955 acorn tube and it has a well calibrated
attenuator.  You would have to make the 6 dB pad (easy
to make) to use this with 50 ohm coax.  The
calibration on the pad should include markings for the
6 dB pad as well as without.

I don't have any attachment to the fellow who is
selling it.  However, right now it is at $9.95 with
two days to go and no bids.  Even if it needs some
work, it is worth this much.  It covers 2 - 400 MHz
and has AM modulation (actually as much FM as AM by
the time you get to 2 meters!).

You might have to put all of the link together because
I don't know if yahoo will put it out altogether.

Glen, K9STH

Glen, K9STH

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