FS: SX-25 Parts Rig..

Larry Keith kq4by at ROCKETMAIL.COM
Wed Nov 13 20:04:10 EST 2002

I have, for sale, one SX-25 which I consider to be a parts

Appearance is poor.  Most cabinet surfaces have some light
rust and scratches.  The top hinged cover has been
repainted a light grey. The bottom cover plate is missing.
The RF Gain knob is missing. The phone jack has a Dymo tape

It looks to be about 90% complete.  All the tubes and above
chassis components are there.  The power transformer has
some surface rust.  The chassis shows some corrosion.

Underneath there are some loose wires (??). Other than
that, everything appears to be there. There is a filter
choke mounted on the chassis and the one under the chassis
is loose.  Sounds like power supply problems to me.
Components under the chassis look pretty ratty with some
rust and general deterioration.

Yes, I am trying to make it sound bad. But, all in all, it
ain't a bad parts rig and it might (just might) be made to

I would like $25.00 for the rig plus shipping (45 lbs) from
zip 31088.  Or, I usually make most hamfests within 200
miles or so.  I can deliver, if that would help.

If I don't get a taker on the whole rig, I will consider
selling parts..


Larry Keith

Larry Keith

kq4by at rocketmail.com

l.d.keith at worldnet.att.net
478-957-3734 (cell)
478-329-0030 (home)

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