National NC-109

Tomm Aldridge kd7qae at ARRL.NET
Wed Nov 20 02:05:17 EST 2002

Working and in good condition NC109. $150 plus shipping from 98502. This
receiver has 2 "F" coax connectors added on the rear apron for antenna
input (includes a balun wired into the input circuit to match the coax to
the radio circuitry better) and for the addition of a frequency display.
The second connector is un-connected. The line cord has been replaced with
a modern 3 wire cord with chassis ground. Finally, the multi section
electrolytic capacitor has been removed from the circuit but left in place
mecanically, its function replaced with under chassis modern
electrolytics. The knobs are original, showing normal wear. The case and
plastic are in very good shape, missing only the right hand chrome trim
strip. The chassis is clean and rust free.


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