GPR 90 Cabinet Paint Help

Wed Nov 20 22:50:14 EST 2002

First I've already tried the TMC list for this question but it appears
to be a very small list. I never heard back on the cabinet paint question.

I picked the GPR 90 up a few weeks ago and it now looks much better
except the cabinet which had been repainted gray. It didn't look right
to me and I found the true color beneath the gray. Hard to describe this
it's similar to a Blue Green color on the NCL 2000 that I had but only
in that family. It tends toward a Teal color.
Further, the base color is slightly wrinkled similar to the later Heath
gear. I have some wrinkled paint but it's too prominent and needs to be
more subtle for a near exact restoration. Then I planned to over paint
the wrinkle with the final color if I can find it.
Well that was the plan, but so far I can't find a good match for the
cabinet. I tried "LIQUITEX" acrylic Payne's Gray but the color is
way too blue. The front panel is now restored and looks great.
BTW there was a considerable amount of paint splatter on it. I used
my standby
a latex paint remover to get that off.  Slow work but the results are
worth the effort.
Any help appreciated.


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