Additional frequency deck for Collins S-Line equipment

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Thu Nov 21 13:32:41 EST 2002

As promised a while back, I have finally "perfected"
the layout and construction of the assembly to add up
to 12 additional crystals to the S-Line heterodyne
oscillator.  This is in addition to the assembly that
adds up to 6 additional crystals that has been
available for a while.

The basic model adds 5 crystals to each of 2 existing
crystal positions, making a total of 6 available in
these 2 bandswitch positions including the original
crystal (if installed).

There are no modifications made to the equipment.
Mounting is by taking loose one existing screw and
installing the assembly by installing the assembly and
then reinserting the screw.  The electrical
are made by a "plug" that inserts into the existing
crystal position on the chassis of the S-Line.  You do
have to "lift" the cover of the unit to change the
switch position to enable these particular crystals.
You do not have to lift the cover unless you need to
change the frequency of these additional crystals.
Everything else remains as before.

Either the 6 or 12 crystal unit may be installed in
the KWM-2, KWM-2A, 75S-1, 75S-2, and any of the 75S-3
series receivers.  Unfortunately, due to the placement
and size of the power switch in the 32S series
transmitters, neither assembly will safely "fit".
However, I believe that the vast majority of users
want to expand either the frequency coverage for
receiving or transceiving.

The price for the 6 position assembly remains at
$69.95 postpaid CONUS, $73.95 postpaid Canada, and
$75.72 for Texas residents.  The 12 position assembly
is $139.95 postpaid CONUS, $144.95 postpaid Canada,
and $151.50 postpaid Texas residents.

I can, on special order, provide units that can add up
to 12 crystals to a single bandswitch position at the
same cost as the dual 6 model.  Also, on special
order, models are available to add 4 crystals to 3
bandswitch positions, and 3 crystals to 4 bandswitch
positions.  The cost of those variations will be
$154.95 postpaid CONUS, $159.95 postpaid Canada, and
$167.73 postpaid Texas residents.  The extra cost on
these is due to the additional cost of the plugs.

The prototype is working, and the first "production"
model should be available in a day, or two.  When this
is complete, I will add photos, a description, etc.,
to the ZCOMCO website that is referenced at the bottom
of this message.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact


Glen, K9STH

Glen, K9STH

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