Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Fri Nov 22 00:30:10 EST 2002

Just on the VERY slight chance that someone knows what
I am talking about and might know where I can get one:

Back when I upgraded from Novice to General in
November of 1959, I purchased a "generic" crystal
microphone for about $4 new (less stand).  This was a
light brown (darker than beige, but not that much so)
"bullet" shaped plastic (about 4 inches long and 2
inches in diameter - give or take some) with a
"chrome" plated screw-on front.  The mounting hardware
was the usual 1/2 inch female that fit the "normal"
microphone stand.  The shielded cord came out of the
bottom behind the mount for the stand.  This was, of
course, "Made in Japan".

Anyway, since I have come up with everything to
"re-create" my novice to general station
(Hallicrafters S-107 receiver, WRL Globe Chief 90A
transmitter, WRL-755 VFO, and WRL SM-90 screen
modulator) except for the microphone.  I can come up
with a microphone stand that is pretty much like the
"cheap" one that I had back in 1959, but need the

Anybody got any ideas?  The microphone definitely was
not "high end"!

Glen, K9STH

Glen, K9STH

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