EIMAC stuff still FS

Wally Gibbons rockwall at SOURCEONEINTERNET.COM
Sat Nov 23 19:48:35 EST 2002

Here's the list: These parts are in the original EIMAC boxes, good
2 ea. 154353 (Inside is a box with Johnson labels, says it's a socket)
2 ea. SK606  Chimney
3 ea. SK1920 Don't know what these are
2 ea. SK1916 Chimney Clamp 2 ea. SK1906 Air Chimney
2 ea. SK1900 Socket
1 ea. SK2216 Chimney
1 ea. SK2210 Socket

2 ea. 3CX800A7 High Mu Power Triodes. (These are in the original boxes,
the previous owner says they are unused, he got them from EIMAC and
opened them up to look at them. But he never finished the amp, they were
never used.)

I had a deal arranged for $550 for the lot, which fell through.

I'll sell it all for that amount. Email if interested.


Wally Gibbons
rockwall at sourceoneinternet.com

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