Additional crystal decks for Collins S-Line

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Sat Nov 30 22:18:11 EST 2002

I have had several inquiries about an additional
crystal deck that would allow extra crystals on each
of the 5 frequency ranges in the S-Line / KWM-2

After checking on the availability of switches, etc.,
I came up with a deck that can be built on order that
would have 4 crystals for each of the 5 ranges.  This
means the original crystal plus 3 additional crystals
for each bandswitch chosen range.  Of course, this
means a total of 20 crystals on the deck, 15 of which
are additional.  That more than doubles the available
crystals in the normal 75S-1, 75S-3, 75S-3B, and KWM-2
units (giving them the same capabilities as the 75S-2,
75S-3A, 75S-3C, and KWM-2A).  If installed in the
units with the additional frequency deck already in
place, this will increase the possible frequency
coverage by a little over 50%.

Anyway, the tentative price would be $259.95 CONUS,
$264.95 Canada, and $281.40 Texas residents.  All of
these are post paid.  Foreign I would have to
calculate the postage.

If anyone is interested in this particular version,
let me know and I will answer any questions if I
possibly can.  The price is not cheap, but there are a
lot of parts and a lot of work involved in making
these assemblies.

Glen, K9STH

Glen, K9STH

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