FS: Large HF-MF Coil, nice

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Tue Oct 1 16:03:21 EDT 2002

For Sale:

This coil was part of a roller inductor system, and is actually a
fine ceramic coil, without the mechanism. Use as-is or build into
a roller mechanism.
Great for a high powered AM band or 160m band antenna system,
tuner or final amplifier tank.
White ceramic form, 62 turns of 12 gauge wire.
Form is 9-3/4" long and diameter is 3-1/4 inches.
Ceramic form is 5/16" thick. Coil is 7 turns per inch.
Inductance is approximately 97 uH.
Tunes about 700 kHz to 3 MHz with a 500 pF variable capacitor.
Mounted on an axle that is 3/8 inch diameter steel shafts on each end, that extend
2" beyond the coil - with star mounting hardware.
Robustly constructed. QTY 1 only, available for $20.00
Probably cost many times that originally!

E-mail me for a picture if you'd like to see this monster coil!

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