Hosstraders - Is It Just a Memory (Part II)

Rolfe Tessem rolfe at LDP.COM
Tue Oct 8 19:33:21 EDT 2002

--On Tuesday, October 8, 2002 5:30 PM -0400 Michael Crestohl <mc at SOVER.NET>

> (continued)
> But will there be an event next spring or for that matter ever again?
> This remains to be seen. It has been the Hosstraders custom to print the
> next years dates on the tickets every year but if you were there last
> October 4th or 5th and looked at yours you may have wondered why there
> were no 2003 dates on it. Here's why.
> There has not been a contract signed with the Fair Committee for any
> future events because last May several unknown persons stole three 25 kV
> power utility step-down transformers, commonly called "Pole Pigs", from
> the fairgrounds during the Hosstraders weekend. For those of you
> unfamiliar with these things, pole pigs are very large and heavy. Two
> guys in a Dodge Neon couldn't have done this. It would take at least
> three strong people with a big pick-em-up truck to haul them away. The
> only use these things have to hams is to reverse connect them and use
> them for a (very) high power transmitter or amplifier. They have little
> scrap value and even less resale value because they are all numbered and
> no power company would touch them.


I must be missing something here.

Let me get this straight -- some individuals, identities unknown, committed
a criminal act by stealing these transformers. How does this get
transformed into some kind of collective responsibility? What if somebody
pulled out a gun and shot someone? Would the group be responsible? What if
somebody has an automobile accident on the site?

Even in the event that the group booking the space is judged somehow
culpable, this is what liability insurance is for.  I can't believe that an
event like this is booked without such coverage.

Either I'm missing something here, or there is more to the story than is
being related here.

My advice is, let the police investigate and let the chips fall where they

Rolfe W1VC

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