WTB small P-P output transformer

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Sun Oct 13 23:35:19 EDT 2002

I am needing a small output tranny for a crummy little old tube p.a. amplifier I am
restoring. About 15  - 25 watts with 8 ohm secondary.

The primary is a pair of (gulp) 7C5 loctal tubes. SO probably about 15-20 watts is
the ver ymax they would produce at 375V on the plates.

As to the primary Z.... something similar to a pair of 6V6es
I expect. Probably would be about 8 - 10 K ohms.

This is so I can make horrible noises with the electric guitar in my old age and try
to re-learn what my fingers used to be able to do 25 years ago.

Any old iron?

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