[R-390] FS: Hewlett Packard HP-410-C VTVM

Rob Dunn robdunn1 at EARTHLINK.NET
Mon Oct 14 17:10:19 EDT 2002

I don't believe this is true,  I do know that the 410C could be purchased
with or without the AC probe and the AC probe could be purchased separately
as well.   I can believe that the calibration is only valid for a specific
probe paired with a specific meter to account for variations in the vacuum
tube UHF diode characteristics but the 410C is very easy to recalibrate and
the procedures are in the manual.

  I have a 410C and it developed a defect in the AC probe that was
non-repairable (assemblies are potted).  I was able to successfully adapt a
replacement probe for a ME-126 VTVM (I think that was the number, it is a
Military knock-off of the HP 410B) to be used as a replacement.  Later I
bought a brand new HP 410C AC Probe off of Ebay.  Put the new probe/meter
combination through a calibration and it measures accurately and reliably.
Great meter.  I also have a HP 410B that I rebuilt and calibrated and a
couple of the ME-126's.  Too many meters for a small bench.  Need to clean
out some.


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The AC / RF probes for these models were matched to the particular unit
during manufacture. Once the probe is lost, it is not possible to plug in
just any random probe and have the meter function properly. Over the years,
I have seen many 410-Cs for sale without probes, but have Never seen a
separate probe for sale anywhere. Wonder where they go?
Chuck N1LNH
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Subject: [R-390] FS: Hewlett Packard HP-410-C VTVM

> Hi Gang:
> I have an extra HP 410-C VTVM which is the lab-grade VTVM that Collins
> used on the line and in the engineering department when the S-Line was
> produced.  It is one of the recommended pieces of test equipment in
> the service manuals.  Unfortunately I do not have the AC/RF probe
> and have priced the meter accordingly at $75.00 plus shipping.
> Any interest from the group before I post it you-know-were??
> 73,
> Michael
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