Heathkit LMO

Bob & Bettina Groh rgroh at SWBELL.NET
Sun Oct 20 18:35:57 EDT 2002

To all and sundry -

I have been thinking about taking on the repair/refurbishment of
Heathkit LMOs.  I know there are a few folks who seem to need their's
fixed.  If so, I will be willing to undertake the repair of ONE only to
start.  I can't promise super quick service as I have to squeeze it into
a somewhat hectic schedule.  Nor can I promise success but I will try.
As this will be a learning process the cost will only be for my expenses
(i.e. replacement parts, postage, etc).

My background includes a BSEE, MSEE and about 35+ years of design
engineering (mostly in RF) and includes 4 years at Heathkit (1977 to

If you are interested, please contact me direct.

Bob Groh, WA2CKY
420 NE Sunview Circle
Blue Springs, Missouri  64014-2045

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