FS: Two KW Power Supplies

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Tue Oct 22 06:11:26 EDT 2002


Two QRO power supplies:

1) 120V AC input - Rack mount design dimensions 19" X 7" panel.
Components 7" deep include plate xfmr that is 9" X 7" X 7" tall.
2300V AC secondary to a bridge gives you 3200 volts DC
at 270 mA continuous.
Plate transformer is by SNC Mfg. Co. Brown sealant applied to plate xfmr and to
smoothing choke. Very clean looking. Includes bridge rectifiers, but no filter
capacitor installed. Looks nice. Very clean condition. Sold as-is but the iron is all
guaranteed good.
Ready to power your homebrew final or linear amplifier.
Available for $55.00 plus shipping

2) Power supply #2 also has only 120V AC primary. Nice shiny
rackmount panel measures 19" X 9" X 10" deep.
This complete supply is rated for 2500V DC at 400 mA continuous.
Upright  transformer with nice shiny black end bells. All very clean.
Includes non-PCB oil filled capacitor and two other smaller  transformers or
chokes. This complete power supply includes American Monarch Co. of
Minneapolis plate transformer that is 6" X 9" X 7"
tall, and looks new. Very sharp chassis with ancillary components.
Untested but guarantee all iron and caps are good.
Available for $65.00 plus shipping

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