For Sale: AM-6155/GRT-22 VHF/UHF Amplifier

Larry Keith kq4by at ROCKETMAIL.COM
Fri Oct 25 16:42:48 EDT 2002

Linear power amp, 225-400MHz, 50W out (conservative) 10W
in, Eimac X651Z/8930 final, extensive metering, can be
converted to 116-150MHz, rack mount 7" high, 80 lbs, ITT
(model 3212), Part of AN/GRT-22.

This Amp uses Emiac X651Z/8930 in silver-plated
cavity-drawer; 175-turn TUNE counter dial. Main chassis has
solid-state power supply and buffer amp/mulitplier; panel
meter monitors voltages. Requires 105/120/210/240 VAC
50-400 Hz and +20 V req 60 ma. +20 V keyed; 7x19x18.5, 80
lbs shipping weight.

The HV Supply from AM-6154 is Loaded with GREAT parts to
include a 1752V at 270ma transformer, 8HY 300ma choke, 100K
ohm 95 watt resistor, 2x5mfd 3KVDC capacitor, & rectifier
circuits card.

One ham has used a 4CX400A (available from Svetlana)to
raise the output power to 450 Watts.

Used - Excellant Condition (NOT TESTED) $295.00 plus
shipping from zip 31088.

Email if you have any questions.


Larry Keith, KQ4BY

Larry Keith

kq4by at

l.d.keith at
478-957-3734 (cell)
478-329-0030 (home)

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