Dee Almquist w4pnt at VAIX.NET
Sat Oct 26 16:29:38 EDT 2002

Hi Am'rs
Looking over the stuff I have on the shelves the other day, gad! I have to
get rid of some stuff I will never do anything with these!

I have a fairly large with cab 60 watt + audio pwr amp with voice coil (big
deal) but 70v / 500 ohm line. Uses 6L6s, all tube & is a PA amp. I kept it
because of 500 ohm line to drive a modulator from desk position across room
to matching tf to grids of maybe 4-400s or 813s. Its fairly heavy,
commercial built (dont know who) but everything is there. I can take pic if
you like. I cant spend any time on it and hate to throw it in dumpster. Is
it worth $30 to you + shipping? Panel isnt pretty but everything looks to
clean up with a little work.

I also have a sound projector amp using 6V6s (PP) with film eye. Much
smaller with controls & PS onboard. No 70v line only speaker.  Make offer
Shipping extra.

Now here is an interesting amp. A Dukane 19" rack mount pwr amp all SS with
line transformer. I know it doesnt work. Panel needs bodywork or replacing
(sheet metal) & painting. Chassis clean. From the heat sinks power looks to
be 75w to 100w. How about $60. + shipping. I might have the documentation.

I will trade of you have Johnson Ranger parts (cabs).

Let me know asap.
Best '73 Dee

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