Seen at Des Mones hamfest.

Bob Lucas WA0DXZ at AOL.COM
Sun Oct 27 11:26:13 EST 2002

Saw a really nice HQ-150  at $250 I think, an nice HQ 170 at $275 and a nice
SX 110, maybe $325 all by the same owner, all in good shape.
Steal of the day was an R-390 sold for $250. A so- so HQ-150 sent for $50
bucks!!!, WITH a Hallicrafters full size speaker!!!.   Heath AT-1 and
something thrown in went for $50.  Owner obviously didnt know what he had, an
older guy selling it for a widows estate.
There  were two HT37's, looked good, for $225-250 range.  Nice NC173 selling
for $170.  I bought a Johnson Matchbox for $50.
Some one had a75A2 I think, asked  $700 for it. Have seen it at a few
73 Bob

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