Viking Valiant Drive Pot Question

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Tue Oct 29 21:42:47 EST 2002

Can someone help RON, KPKLT with his Valiant?


ROn - I will try to get you some help on this.

There are two routes to go.

There ARE a few of those pots around new still if you can
find someone who has them.

OR you can build a solid state series-regulator circuit that will do the job. There
has been a article SOMEWHERE on how to do this!

Can anyone help Ron?

CC: Boatanchors Groups

 Ron Gerut <rgerut at> wrote:

Hi Brian:
In 1997, you posted an email requesting a 25k 4 watt wirewound
potentiometer. I was wondering if you ever found one and how you solved
the problem. I just got a Valiant2 that had a small carbon pot
installed as an awful substitute. It obviously heated up and failed.
The electronic parts distributors don't seem to sell this value
potentiometer any more. This is probably because new tube circuits are
no longer made. Any info or hints would be appreciated!

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