FS: Nice Drake TR-4C Station

Michael Crestohl mc at SOVER.NET
Tue Oct 29 23:11:28 EST 2002

I am selling a complete Drake TR-4C station for an estate.  It consists of:

TR-4C Transceiver including the 34PNB accessory noise blanker, S/N is in
the 35K range.
RV-4C Remote VFO including loudspeaker
AC-4 AC power supply, SN is 41K

In my opinion this is a nice "daily driver" station and could be a fine
collectable with some work and attention.

It is in clean condition.  The TR-4C has a very few small scratches on the
cabinet, the RV-4C has more but these are fairly minor.  I do not see
evidence of any modifications made to any of the pieces.  For reasons
unknown to me someone cut a small part of the lower case right around the
MIC and PHONES jacks about 1" long and about 3/8" wide.  Also the knob is
missing.  On the RV-4C the aluminum insert on the tuning knob is
missing.  The knob and the insert should be easy to obtain
inexpensively.  Electrically it could use a going-through, test all tubes
and check the alignment, etc.  There is no manual but this is also easily
found online.

Asking price is $500.00 plus shipping costs.  If interested please reply by
e-mail.  here's your chance to buy it before it goes you know where!


Michael Crestohl
mc at sover.net

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