Plate Xfmr - Second Attempt

James Tolar w5sqe at INAME.COM
Wed Oct 30 17:17:20 EST 2002

Apparently my first attempt to send this went out, without the text, so here goes:

Anyone going to the Seabrook Hamfest, on Nov 2, 2002, that has a
plate xfmr with the below listed ratings, bring it so we can haggle.

Pri: 115V/230V, or 115V, or 230V, 60 hz

Sec: 3000V to 5000V, @ 0.5A minimum, no center tap, or if center tap,
with 8 to 10,000V insulation.

Plan to us it in a full wave bridge circuit.

Jim Tolar  W5SQE  Houston, TX

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