Looking for parts for a Heathkit SW-717

Kurt Brandstetter kurt.brandstetter at TELEWEB.AT
Fri Sep 6 15:36:56 EDT 2002

Hello to all of you !

As I'm not a real Heath collector, but got a nice looking and well working
SW-717 receiver , I have a question:

Can you give me some places where I can get 6 original knobs for this
receiver for a reasonable price ?. The previous owner replaced the knobs
with knobs with red caps (looking not really good - seem to be self made,
but good work).

Also would like to buy a copy of the complete manual (a part of it is
available on BAMA). I know that such a manula is available from Manual-Man
or other sources but quite expensive (arround 20 $ US - I think thats a
price for this simple receiver, but would be interested whats a correct
price for the SW-717 in good to very good cosmetical and electrical conds,
but with wrong knobs).

Also found a very clean Heathkit IG-72 Audio Generator (looks like new) on a
flea market here in Vienna. For the receiver and the IG-72 the price as 5 $

BTW One of my first receivers I owned was a kit built SB-303 which was
working really well. Unfortunatly I sold it very cheap years ago.

I would be thankful for every help and advice.
Thanks in advance and greetings from Vienna.

73 de Kurt OE 1002419          ICQ-UIN 43074273
CCA member AC01-01249 NCDXF #4175  INDEXA #1720
Homepage: http://www.swl.net/oe1002419
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