FS: Kenwood, Eico, Lafayette.

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Sat Sep 14 20:23:01 EDT 2002


EICO 717 Tube type CW keyer in excellent condition with
original manual.
AC cord and case all in fine shape, all original knobs etc.
This makes a great keyer for operating older tube type rigs that
will not key with the newer solid state keyers, and is very similar
to the design of the famous T.O. Keyer. Will sell for $65.00

Kenwood PS-30 power supply. For uise with the TS-430S, TS-680s and
a number of other Kenwood rigs. This one is wired for 230V AC
operation but is easily rewired for 115V by changing two
connections inside. Will sell for $85.00

Lafayette HA-250A linear amplifier for 10m. 13.8 V DC mobile
amplifier runs 250 w p.e.p. SSB or 100 Watts AM with 12w p.e.p
or 5 watts of AM drive.
Uses a pair of sweep tubes. Manual is available on-line.
Has switch and metering, plus power cord. Excellent for AM
mobile with a converted CB rig or use with other QRP rigs to
get yourself heard well on 28 - 29 MHz. Sold complete but as-is.
Will sell for $75.00

Shipping additional on everything.

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