B & W "transfer" coax switch and regular coax switches FS

Ken Simpson, W8EK w8ek at FDT.NET
Sat Sep 21 14:08:15 EDT 2002

For Sale:

B & W 591 A Coax Switch
This switch is designed to switch an auxiliary piece of
equipment in and out (For example, bypass a linear
amplifier, transverter, preamp, etc.).  It has four SO-239
connectors. Includes knob and face plate.  $ 35.

B & W 550 A Coax Switch
Five position coax switch with five SO-239 connectors,
plus the common arranged radially (like spokes of a
wheel).  $ 30

B & W 595 Coax Switch
This is the switch that is in a rectangular box about 9
inches long, with seven SO-239 connectors coming out
of the back.  It will switch 6 antennas. Nice shape.  $40

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
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